Version 2021 R1

Web Client Build Number:

DataSync Build Number:

April 30, 2021

Breaking Changes

  • As of our next full release (2021 R2), Nectari, DataSync and Web Central Point Configurator will no longer support Internet Explorer 11. For an optimal user experience, we strongly recommend using our products in conjunction with a supported browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

  • Users whose Data Models previously utilized the SUM OVER feature must now use the Window Function option to achieve the same result.


The mobile application was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. Therefore, to access Nectari from your mobile device, you must now log in to your Nectari Web Client using the mobile browser application of your choice. You can of course add a Nectari login page shortcut to your mobile homepage for a similar experience.

For those who have already downloaded the Nectari application, it will continue to work as normal. However, users who have not already downloaded the application will no longer be able to do so.


Integrate All the Functions

We've added integration with Advanced Analytics, so you can now quickly leverage a multitude of powerful commands, without ever touching a line of code in SQL. It's now as easy as selecting the functions you need in the data model, and activating them instantly to use in your worksheets!

Supercharged Page Setup

We've made massive improvements to Page Setup options, and have given them a complete user-friendly overhaul. You'll have access to expansive formatting options including enhanced title formatting, logo and image personalization, automatic fitting, full control of headers and footers across all three sections, and report exporting in high resolution.

Fully Optimized Display

We took a hard look at the level of detail available in worksheets, to determine where it was crucial to display more information, and where it wasn't. Strategic grouping on the last levels now reduces the amount of unfocused information displayed, making it easier and faster to hone in on the insights that matter.

New Templates

Sage XRT Advanced, Sage X3 Warehousing* (formerly Geode) and Central Point Library



  • With this version (2021 R1), we are introducing a new versioning scheme. Moving forward all subsequent versions and updates will be expressed in the format outlined below:
Version Build Update Type
2021 R1 10.1.0.xxxx   Major
2021 R1 10.1.1.xxxx First Update Minor
2021 R1 10.1.2.xxxx Second Update Minor
2021 R2 10.2.0.xxxx   Major
2021 R2 10.2.1.xxxx First Update Minor

Therefore, we plan to have two major versions per year (indicated by the first two digits of the build, e.g., and as many updates as necessary (indicated by the third number of the build, e.g.,



Web Client

  • Define advanced analytics calculations such as running total, standard deviation, ranking and more!
Breaking Change  

Please note that users whose Data Models previously utilized the SUM OVER feature must now use the Window Function option to achieve the same result.

  • Views have been optimized to summarize data based on the detail level specified at the last level for greater clarity, faster loading times and new visualization options.
  • Supercharge prints and exports with a ton of new page setup features including:
    • Fit to page
    • Improved page headers and footers
    • Enhanced resolution for Charts and Dashboards
    • And much more!
  • Page breaks can now be added to group changes when generating PDF documents from Worksheets and Reports.
  • Global Parameter names will now be shown alongside Global Parameter descriptions in the Dashboard Filtering Panel, Edit Global Selection page and Reporting Tree filter fields. This is to avoid confusion for users that have multiple Global Parameters with the same description.
  • Group levels can now be expanded and collapsed in Worksheets that have been exported to XLS or XLSX format.
  • Reporting Tree nodes can now be re-ordered simply by dragging and dropping them in the desired location.
  • Open View tabs can now be closed by performing a middle click while hovering the cursor over the tab.
  • The documentation on binding a Web Client through HTTPS and cookie management has been updated.
  • Italian translations have been improved.


  • User Defined Dimensions can now be retrieved for Sage Intacct connections.
  • Destination column headers may now contain spaces for Export type Extractions.
  • Global Variables have been added allowing you to parameterize the following aspects of DataSync:
    • Queries
    • Filters
    • Purge Conditions
    • Calculated Fields
    • Custom Web API Content
  • The Agile CRM, SpaceX and Custom API source connections have now all been officially released.

Excel Add-in

  • Italian translations have been improved.

Web Client Templates

Universal Data Model
  • Improved French translations were added to Reports and Dashboards.

  • The script for the @@UDM_CURDATE and @@UDM_CURDATE3MONTH Global Variables was improved to avoid time zone-related date conflicts.

  • Account Grouping Setup now allows both Wildcard * and Wildcard ? to be applied to the same entry when selecting accounts.

  • A filter has been added to the Profit and Loss Dashboard to retrieve the YTD on 4 Gauges.

  • Account names may now be preceded or followed by a space in the Account Mapping View.

  • Two new Sales Forecast methods have been added. The first allows users to generate a sales forecast with zero values; the second takes the values from the 12 preceding months and distributes them evenly.

  • UDM Fiscal Year is now the default value for Year and Period in Dashboard Filtering Panels and Selection Pages.

  • Currency Conversion now creates a new Ledger Type for each adjusted Fiscal Calendar.

  • Currency Conversion no longer requires the Global Currency field; therefore, it has been removed from all Dashboards, Selection Pages and Global Selection Pages.

  • Budget Total, a new measure that shows the sum of all budget values from all periods, was added to the Finance Cube.

  • An Info Page to delete Forecast Configurations was added.

Sage 100

  • The DimCompany cube now maps the users' ledger currency to their Dimension.

  • To avoid conflicts with existing Sage 100 objects, the NEC_ prefix was added to all Nectari custom objects.

Sage 300

  • The Invoice and Return values were merged under the same data source for the Sales Staging cube.

Sage 500

  • The Budget data source was added to Cube Finance Staging.

Sage Intacct

  • The Invoice and Return values were merged under the same data source for the Sales Staging cube.

  • A new logic has been added to allow users to map User Defined Dimensions to pre-set fields.

  • The Opening Balance Stored Proc can now calculate opening balances based on User Defined Dimensions.

  • The Budget data source for Prompts was added to the UDM Budget Cube.

  • The AR Adjustment and AR Adjustment Payment data sources were added to the UDM AR Staging Cube.

  • The AP Adjustment and AP Adjustment Payment data sources were added to the UDM AP Staging Cube.

Sage X3

  • The CSLBPR field has been added to various GL-related objects.

  • Intersite and intercompany fields (BETFCY and BETCPY) have been added to all sales-related objects.

  • The Stimulated Opening Balance Info Page will now break down Retained Earnings by site.

  • Footers are now available in the Sales Cube.

Sage 100 Template
  • GL_PeriodPostingHistory and GL_DetailPosting tables were moved to refresh side during extractions.
Sage 300 Template
  • Dashboards and Reports were optimized.
  • French translations were added for Dashboard titles.
Sage Intacct Template
  • The Budget data model was added.
  • A script was added to create the required tables for the Sage Intacct template if the module is not activated in Intacct.
  • The AR Adjustment and AR All Documents data models were added.
  • The AP Adjustment and AP All Documents data models were added.
  • Pre-configured User Defined Dimensions with mapping logic and Line Level Dimensions were added to data model transactions.
  • Simple Report Builder logic was added to the live template.
Sage X3 Template
  • Italian translations have been added.
  • CREUSR_0, CREDATTIM_0, UPDDATTIM_0, UPDUSR_0 and username description columns have been added to a number of data models.
  • Both budgets and versions can be configured without having to manually update a View.
  • Application links have been changed to Google Search links.
  • Chinese translations have been improved.
Sage XRT Template
  • Italian translations were improved.
Acumatica Template
  • The NECOrganization inquiry was added to Acumatica projects and extractions.
  • Tenant ID has replaced Company ID and Branch-to-Organisation joins now import the Organisation Code as a Company ID value.


Web Client

  • When using an SQL Server user language other than English (such as French, Spanish, etc.), it occasionally caused errors and prevented a user from expanding on a date field or using the date picker in the Selection Page.
  • When a Dashboard containing a KPI was distributed and contained a currency format, the resulting output could be randomly set to "$" (dollars).
  • There was a bug preventing the distribution of Views, Reports and Dashboards for some users if single sign-on (SSO) login authentication was enabled.
  • There was an error that would, in some configurations, prevent Worksheet data from being sorted properly if a group or all rows were expanded and at least one Advanced Sorting Option was selected.
  • Multiple errors could occur when accessing the Web Client in certain languages.
    • Simple View gauge values were sometimes multiplied by 100.
    • Random numeric values were occasionally assigned to Sparkline Views.
    • Activating the Abbreviate feature could cause random numeric values to be assigned to both KPI and Sparkline Views.
  • Page setup settings were not retained for Dashboards that were created using the Save As option.
  • The lack of a scroll bar on the environment selection drop-down list made it impossible to select certain entries for users that had a lot of environments. A scroll bar was added to prevent that issue.
  • In some cases, saving a Report was causing all translations other than the current user language to disappear.
  • Using the Manage Stored Procedures feature was sometimes causing Data Model field translations (both Groups and Columns) to be overwritten by data in an incorrect language.
  • For Data Models to which a Subtotal Exception rule had been applied, the SUM rule was being applied to the last group level regardless of the Subtotal Exception rule selected if the Data Model contained a pivot.
  • Data Model and View names were not loading in the user's selected language in the right-hand panel of the Web Views tab in the Scheduler.
  • An error message appeared when an email address with an extension longer than 4 characters (e.g., was entered in the To, Cc or Bcc fields of the Users and Groups tab in the Scheduler or the Other Recipients tab in the Subscribe window of a View, Report or Dashboard.
  • Both owner and publisher were showing a NULL value for Favorites in Oracle Central Points.
  • There were occasional border display errors in exported Worksheets and Reports for some configurations.
  • Users were not able to add more than two decimals in Data Entry.
  • When a View is marked as a Favorite and its Publish setting is None, the Favorite is no longer displayed in the UI for all central point types.


  • The nvarchar Destination Field length will now default to 255 when the source field length is less than or equal to 5 for Sage Intacct connections. This change is an effort to resolve a synchronization error caused by Sage Intacct assigning arbitrary lengths to nvarchar values in Tables.

  • An error related to redirection could occur when logging in under some specific circumstances.

Excel Add-In

  • If a calculated field was used as a filter in a Reporting Tree, an error could occur when that Reporting Tree was used.
  • When using the Reporting Tree inside the Excel Add-In with a Formula drill down containing filters, a duplicate of the WHERE clause was causing an error.
  • Formulas were displaying a value of zero (0) if a filter containing an apostrophe (') was applied.
  • A bug associated with the Web Central Point Configurator was preventing users from connecting to the Excel Add-In in Multi-Tenant mode.
  • An error occurred when changing environments if the add-in file contained any pivot table copies.

Web Client Templates

Universal Data Model
  • The Account Setup info page failed to load if there were any differences between the Server Collation and the Database Collation due to a Temporary Table.
  • Global Parameters for Product UDFs that were set to Customer UDFs were reverted back to Product UDFs during a Historical Stock Movement.
  • Installation packages for Acumatica, Sales Force, Sage CRM and Sage 1000 UK that were missing from UDM build 225 have been re-added.
  • The BEGIN component was missing from the rollback of the "OLAP Procedure UDM_FILL_REPORT_MAP_GROUP (ORACLE)" script.
  • A missing function script (UDM_FACTORIALSQ) prevented the use of the Monthly and Quarterly Forecast feature on the Info Page.
  • The Weekly Forecast feature was inserting more fields on the Info Page than what was specified during an INSERT request.
  • For Monthly and Quarterly Forecasts, products that had zero sales for over 3 months were absent from the data set on the Info Page.
  • The schema hard-coded to QA02102021 was changed to a script parameter in the UDM_FACTORIALSQ script.
  • A Rollback script was applying the OLAPDB parameter rather than the SEISchema parameter preventing the SQL object associated with it from being uninstalled.
  • The prompt filter for UDM fiscal year has been fixed.
  • The format of Income Statement values was changed from currency to numbers.

  • There was an occasional issue with the Publish Account Grouping function on the Info Page of the Report Account Mapping data model.

  • There was sometimes an error that prevented the Rollback scripts from removing all Views during an uninstall.

  • There were occasionally errors in the formula used to calculate Forecasts and Last Year Cumulative Quantity in Sales data models.

  • In the UDM Forecast Cube, there was sometimes an error with the data in the Quantities Last Year field.

Sage 100

  • The Info Page now imports the CPYID value rather than CompanyCode when performing a Ledger Currency setup.

  • A bug sometimes prevented data sources from using the selected COA if it contained a Global Variable for Cube DimAccounts.

  • An error prevented the Company field from applying Global Variables in Cube AR Staging, AP Staging and Sales Staging.

  • The DimCompany cube had a bug that sometimes prevented the cube from building properly.

Sage 200 UK

  • When upgrading the Sage 200 UK ERP, all schemas have been changed to dbo therefore custom objects will no longer be deleted.

Sage 300

  • The Fact Table was changed from ICHIST to ICIVAL and the HOMEEXTCST field was changed to TRANSCOST for Stock Value due to an error causing users' inventories not to balance with the ERP.

  • The Allocation Date was absent from Cube Inventory Staging operations.

  • The Description cube had the SourceID field hard-coded to an incorrect value.

Sage 500

  • The Finance Staging Cube Fact Table was changed to a View to ensure vdvAcctHistoryCurr values are correct.

  • The COA Setup Table was added to the DIMSUBACCOUNTS cube.

  • The Transaction Data Source was mapping Transaction Currency to Ledger Currency in cube Finance Staging.

  • The minFiscYear View was changed to a subquery.

Sage 1000 UK

  • The Transaction Data Source was causing multiple errors therefore a previous iteration was restored for greater functionality in cube Finance Staging.

Sage Intacct

  • The Budget data source was using a deprecated table during cube Finance Staging.
  • The UDM_POPULATE_CALENDER script no longer uses the sys.views condition instead of sys.procedures when creating or dropping.
  • The DimAddress cube had the SourceID field hard-coded to an incorrect value.
  • In the Finance Staging Cube, the Budget data source, Company ID, COA, Ledger Currency and Ledger Type values were incorrectly mapped.

Sage X3

  • The transaction data source was using the CSLBPR_0 field value instead of the CSLBPR value in cube Finance Staging which caused an error for X3 version 9 and under.

  • In the Sage X3 Opening Balance data model, the Info Page procedure to calculate opening balance did not function correctly in versions 9 and below. The UDM_GL_OPBAL_CALC stored procedure was updated to fix this issue.

  • There was a problem with UDM_BUD_UNPIVOTV11 causing the Budget data source not to load if the Dimension Mapping was designed for versions 6 through 10.

  • The Bill to and Ship to addresses will now be extracted from the appropriate Data Source table in the UDM Sales Staging Cube.

  • The WHERE condition will now use the LOC value rather than the CUR value in the AR and AP Staging Cube.

Sage 100 Template
  • UDM_S100FCALENDER View has an occasional recursion error for users whose fiscal periods are particularly long.
  • Sage 100 NA Premium’s Data Re-initialize occasionally had an issue with views that were created under the same name but using a different schema.
Sage 200 UK Template
  • The template now builds everything in dbo.

Sage Intacct Template
  • Calculations of Base and Transaction currencies in Data Model Sales Analysis were sometimes incorrect.
  • Calculations of Base and Transaction currencies in Data Model Purchases were sometimes incorrect.
Sage X3 Template
  • The WHERE clause was missing from Analytical Dimension prompts 2 through 9 in the Excel Add-in.
  • Data model Orders, Returns and Deliveries had the Customer global parameter mapped to multiple fields.
  • The Customer with Overdue AR data model had the Partner global parameter mapped to multiple fields.
  • Lower-case characters are now supported in Oracle-based connections.
Acumatica Template
  • In DataSync, the ARAdjust table had LineNbr assigned to a primary key, however, it was not synced.