Version 2021 R2.1

Web Client Build Number:

DataSync Build Number:

February 24, 2022

Breaking Changes

  • Upgrading DataSync to 2021 R2.1 requires manual steps if your version of SQL Server is lower than 2016. Please contact the Support team to assist you with the upgrade.

  • Upgrade to 2021 R2 or R2.1 should be done from version 8.2 at least. If your version is lower than 8.2, you will need to do an intermediary upgrade to V9 or 2021 R1.1, and then upgrade to 2021 R2 or R2.1.

  • In relation to changes made to CSV file exports, if you are using a third-party tool to export and import CSV files, check your third-party tool parameters to make sure all data is properly imported. Failure to do so may result in missing data.


As there were many changes made to the Login functionalities, we strongly advise to Clear Browser Cache before doing an upgrade of Web Client. After the upgrade, with the improvements made to the Security, we strongly recommend to advise all of the Web Client users to change their passwords.


Indexing in DataSync

DataSync now allows you to create and configure indexes in the destination tables for your Data Warehouse. The indexes will be added automatically based on the existing data source and you can add or customize the indexes to optimize the Data Warehouse based on your needs. These topics have been updated as part of this new feature: Managing Tables, Configuring Table Fields, and Deleting Extractions.


Web Client

  • Better precision with decimal field values coming from Oracle data sources.

  • You can now duplicate a Reporting Tree.

  • When the Distributable option is enabled in a Reporting Tree, the Tab Name field is mandatory.

Web Central Point Configuration


  • New Quickbooks Online connector.
  • When adding or modifying a Post Execution Script, you can now save the script without affecting the extraction. This action does not invalidate the extraction on a scheduled job.

  • The Verbosity parameter is set to 3 by default.


Web Client

  • The Dynamic Join logic was broken and could sometimes return wrong data and decrease performance.

  • The Global Restriction and Data Model Restriction were not applied on the Worksheet, Dashboard, Report, and Excel Add-In (only detected in version 2021 R2 patch 1).

  • An issue could sometimes happen when a worksheet was using a pivot.

  • Users could not be created on a multi-tenant installation.

  • Two blank rows have been removed from CSV files exported from a worksheet.

  • A metadata error message occurred when a worksheet had two or more dimensions with the subtotal set to Count Distinct and one of them was used in Groups.

  • In a worksheet, IN and NOT IN operators could not be added in an Advanced Filter.

  • When opening a Prompt, column headers were sometimes displayed in another language.


  • When importing from a source, the Transformation process was only retrieving the first 1000 records.


  • An issue could sometimes happen when starting a job.

OLAP Manager

  • Error "Source array was not long enough" occurred on rare occasions during a Load All or Refresh process when Logging was enabled.

Excel Add-in

  • Users with Viewer license were not able to access Set Data Model Parameter and Execute Stored Procedure.

  • The Distributable option in the Reporting Tree only worked for distribution. This option now also works with the Excel Add-in Reporting Tree Duplicator.

  • An error occurred when the workbook view was set to Page Layout on Office 365.