Version 2021 R2.3

Web Client Build Number:

DataSync Build Number:

May 18, 2022


OLAP Manager

  • New columns have been added so that the user can see a cube's settings without having to select it.


  • The connection to DataSync is now validated before performing an extraction action to make sure the destination tables are properly updated (for example, when performing a Load All or Validate and Build action).
  • New connector for Sage 50 UK (Beta version).
  • New connector for Active Directory (Beta version).
  • New connector for LDAP / LDAPS (Beta version).
  • New connector for HubSpot (Beta version).
  • New connector for SAP HANA (Beta version).

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage 200 Evolution New Sage 200 Evolution template


Web Client

  • * Important * After searching for a Reporting Tree and adding nodes to it, Web Client would only save the Reporting Tree displayed on the screen when saving it. The other existing tree nodes were deleted.

  • You could not save a dashboard under another name when there was no filtering panel. The Save As operation would return an error.

  • An issue could sometimes happen when creating a worksheet with columns only and one of them contained Count Distinct Subtotal. (This error was displayed: The data array dataArray does not have the right dimension).

  • When opening a Dashboard, the Date format in the Filtering Panel would not match the user's Date Format configured in the Regional Settings.

  • When deleting a folder containing a Data Model or Report, an error message was displayed but the folder was correctly deleted.

  • When exporting a report, the Subtotal Restrictions were displayed in the report.

  • Saving KPI changes within a view or a dashboard caused all worksheet parameters to be reset to the default values.

OLAP Manager

  • When services started a blank token was created, which could cause an issue with the OLAP memory.

  • The content language for special variables was set to English instead of being set the ADMIN user's choice.

Excel Add-in

  • A date with a custom format was not displayed in the Excel Add-in and the Data Model preview.

  • An error could occur in Excel Add-in if the Date and Datetime fields had a NULL value when performing a data extraction.

  • The Get & Transform Data and Queries & Connections features in the Excel Add-in would return an error.

  • When creating a pivot and selecting the option Add this data to the Excel Data Model, the Excel Add-in would return an error if the Excel Data Model name started with C, c, R, r, or a digit. Make sure that the Data Model name adheres to this Microsoft Excel limitation; click here for details.

  • When using Data Extractions or Formulas with the number format set to commas for decimal and the content language set to French, the distribution service would return an error.


  • DataSync log cleaning would cause performance issues.

  • DataSync would not handle the maximum file size of the connection logs properly. This could result in large files taking a lot of disk space in the connections folder.

  • Data could not be loaded into Sage Intacct tables. DataSync would encounter a mismatch error between cached data and real data.

  • An error could occur when adding new tables or extractions for the Sage Business Cloud connector.