Version 2023 Release 10 (August)

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Excel Add-in Build Number:

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August 26, 2023

Breaking Changes

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.

  • As of the July 2023 release, we no longer support HTML export. Please ensure to edit your distribution jobs settings, the output will be done in a different format.

  • For On-Premise customers using a version before the July Release 8, we highly recommend upgrading your Excel Add-In.


Web Client

  • User License Types added to documentation for better permissions clarity.

  • Performance when rendering the worksheet has been improved.

  • Data Model Designer now supports markdown type hyperlinks.

  • Mac users now have the ability to use the command key to select multiple rows in a worksheet.

  • Updated Bootstrap.js library.


Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct
  • Added post-execution scripts in DataSync extractions to add missing fields to AR and AP tables.

Sage 300
  • Added predefined views and dashboards for Service Manager and Manufacturing.


Web Client

  • Records were sometimes missing in a worksheet grid using pivots.

  • Since Release 8, forcing values in a Pivot was broken and not saved.

  • Web Workbook (Preview):

    • When saving, the number of columns saved in the workbook would revert back to the default count (30).

    • In the drill down side panel, when hyperlink fields included the <a> tag, the AutoFit did not get set correctly.

  • In the side menu, filtering in the search bar for a Dimensions or Measures with an accent was not working.

  • Following the JQuery upgrade from Release 8, enhancements were made to fix UI glitches.

  • When exporting a view containing a special characters in a column, the special characters were encoded.

  • In the Data Model Designer, it was not possible to delete a table joined to a table that has been removed from the database.


  • Log cleaning service was removing Skipped logs every 20 minutes.

Excel Add-in

  • When using the Excel Add-In Reporting Tree Duplicator, tabs in the Excel Add-in were not synced with the order in the Reporting Tree nodes configuration.

  • Fixed the discrepancies of libraries loaded by Excel Add-In that may have caused issues in some custom installation scenarios.