Version 2023 Release 8

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July 22, 2023

Breaking Changes

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.

  • As of the July 2023 release, we no longer support HTML export. Please ensure to edit your distribution jobs settings, the output will be done in a different format.

  • In the July 2023 release, Excel Add-In is not retro-compatible. The upgrade of your Excel Add-In is mandatory with this release for Cloud customers and highly recommended for On Premise customers.


Web Client

  • The Web Workbook (Preview):

    • Ability to open Formula Wizard when there are multiple NECFormula present in a cell. This gives the ability to edit each of them individually, and give them custom names for easy sorting.

    • New "Reset Group By" button enables users to remove preset default values to Group By = False and Aggregation = NONE.

    • Drill down side panel now provides the ability to open a hyperlink field (set up in the data model designer).

    • Improved Workbook Cell click event handling and corrected found memory leaks.

  • Upgraded jQuery from version 1.11.1 to version 3.6.1. Some parts of the interface styling may have been changed by this upgrade.

  • Enhanced security when reading data in Nectari.


  • Ability to customize output file name with Custom Name, and use Global Variables and Special Variables in it.

  • New email notification sent when a distribution job fails to complete.

OLAP Manager

  • Added error message and error details in the email notification.


  • New extraction parameter "Trim all values" allows you to removes unnecessary spaces after the string.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Universal Data Model
  • Added a backup/restore functionality for the Account Mapping and Report Builder configuration tables in UDM.

Sage Intacct
  • Opening Balance records Generated via the info page in the Template will no longer insert an Entry_date. This is to avoid problems where the new Process Deleted Records functionality in Datasync could potentially delete these records if the partition field is set to Entry_date.

Sage 300
  • New Add-on: AutoSimply (Manufacturing). Includes 3 Data models (Manufacturing orders, Manufacturing Quotation and Transaction Histories), multiple views and a dashboard.


Web Client

  • In Dashboard, Custom Heading and Custom Column Group Heading was sometimes not retained after saving.

  • In Web Workbook, only the first 1000 rows would get imported and/or saved even when the workbook contained more than 1000 rows.

  • When installing with an HTTPS certificate, an error sometimes occurred which prevented the process from completing.

OLAP Manager

  • Creation of trigger to run sequentially instead of in parallel to avoid this error : The referenced entity 'Inserted' was modified during DDL execution.


  • When distributing reports with a scheduler filter, it was sometimes applying the wrong filter.

  • Resolved a memory leak issue that occasionally occurred when a distribution job failed.

Excel Add-in

  • Pivot Table fields order was not retained when editing a pivot or doing a Pivot Table Refresh.


  • On SQL Server destination, when reading the metadata of an object that is in the process of being dropped, a deadlock can potentially occur.

  • When a lot of jobs are running at the same time, a job could sometimes be skipped with this error message : "Index was outside the bound of the array".

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct
  • Fixed an issue where the Opening Balance calculation (info page) for the GL Transactions data model would fail due to missing fields.

  • Fixed an issue where fields in the GL Transactions data model caused an error.