Version 2024 Release 1 (January)

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January 13, 2024


Web Client

  • The option to copy and paste Data Extractions is now available.

  • When creating a new Data Extraction, an extraction name is automatically generated by default.

  • A vector map for Hong Kong has been added to Map View.

  • Nectari security improvement.


  • Nectari security improvements.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct Multi-tenant Consolidation is now available for Sage Intacct (Consolidation Module).


Web Client

  • Data Extraction menu option was appearing on Chart contextual menu.

  • When using the In List filter in Data Extraction, Refresh was not functioning properly.

  • The SUM (Credit) aggregation in Data Extraction would display a negative result.

  • Using the wizard for Data Extraction resulted in extraction filters not working if the sheet name contained single quotes.

  • Data Extractions in a Workbook would prevent it from exporting to Excel.

  • When exporting a Workbook with Charts as an Excel file, mandatory filters would be empty.

  • In the Workbook selection page, when entering multiple values separated by semicolons, the resulting value in the cell incorrectly displayed the values separated by commas.

  • Opening the Workbook in a different language caused the column references to break.

  • When a formula drill down was performed in the Workbook, the drill down hyperlink did not match the text displayed.

  • Exporting Charts to pdf or Excel files resulted in incorrect rendering of special characters.

  • When importing templates, if Update was performed with many cubes, the warning popup prevented scrolling to click on the Cancel or OK buttons.

  • Subscribing to a Worksheet from a view accessed from an External Link was not possible.

  • WebClient on Mobile was unable to access Dashboard and Report from the Favorites section.

  • In the Dashboard, TreeMap displayed a row labeled Undefined.

  • If the Dashboard Filtering Panel was opened when creating a new view, the new view window would be displayed behind the Dashboard Filtering Panel.

  • The Dashboard was updated to fix various display issues.

  • Changing the axis properties fields of Combination Charts from the Dashboard was not possible.

  • If a calculated column had a Calculation and an OnCalculation value in the Data Model Designer, the content of either value could be overwritten by the other value.

  • Accent characters were not displayed correctly in the view selection popup.

  • Special characters were not displayed correctly in tooltips.

  • In Complex Sparkline graphics, an error occurred when a column contained special characters.

  • Text elements in Charts were not properly centered.

  • In external links, the date picker on the Selection Page was only displaying 5 days instead of 7.


  • When subscribing to a Dashboard or a Report from the right menu, the Other Recipient tab was missing.

  • Distributing or exporting a Dashboard resulted in incorrect rendering of simple gauges.


  • The parsing of decimal fields for Dynamics 365 Business Central was incorrect.

  • Logging into DataSync led to the Identity Server homepage.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct
  • @@FIRSTFISCALPERIOD Global Variable was returning multiple values.

  • Retrieving opening balance failed with multiple companies.