Version 9.0 Release Notes

December 2019



Before doing any type of upgrade:

  • The licensing model for Nectari has changed with version 9.
  • You must contact your Account Manager to verify the compatibility and have your license transformed to the new model.

Nectari is moving forward by migrating its documentation online!

Only one place to get the information you need:

Online Help


For a direct access to the guide sections:


  • [V8PROD-GEN] - User Interface: New user interface for the Desktop and mobile version (revamping the old look)
  • [V8PROD-GEN] - Web Interface: Review of the whole translation for all languages to correct wrong terms
  • [V8PROD-563] - Worksheet: Possible to insert Images and HTML link into the grid
  • [V8PROD-612] - Scheduler: Implement the Consolidated Report to allow merging of several views into one PDF report
  • [V8PROD-635] - Worksheet: Defer Update option when moving Dimensions and Measures
  • [V8PROD-718] - OLAP Manager: Group By feature in OLAP Data Sources and add Date Tracking feature (for SQL Server)
  • [V8PROD-841] - Templates Import/Export: Compare the template version with Nectari's to avoid importing a wrong version into the software
  • [V8PROD-852] - BI Service - Web Interface: Change error message when BI Service cannot be reached / stopped. ("There was no endpoint listening at http://BIServer:4504/BIService/Nectari that could accept the message" is replaced by "The BI Service was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the service is running and that the firewall is configured to allow connections".)
  • [V8PROD-856] - Excel Add-in: IPV6 is now supported


Acumatica (Version 106):

  • Compatible with Nectari version 9 and with 2018R1 / 2019R1 and 2019R2
  • Modified Acumatica Project
  • Hardcoded dbo Schema in Scripts
  • Cleaned up Descriptions that are no longer used
  • Cleaned up Script Parameters that are no longer used


Sage 200 Murano:

  • Compatible with Nectari version 9


Sage X3 (Version 105):

  • Compatible with Nectari version 9
  • Changed the label Sage EM to Sage X3
  • Optimized the ZINVOICE view and Invoice Analysis data model
  • Changed AR/AP Historical Aging data models
  • Improved the Manufacturing module


UDM (Version 201):

  • Compatible with Nectari version 9
  • Added new Cash Flow report
  • Translated the label Currency Conversion in French
  • Added the YTD and Rolling 12 measures
  • Added new Account Mapping and Report Builder modules
  • Added Sales (only available for SQL), AR, AP, Inventory modules


Sage X3 HR (FR) (Version 102):

  • Compatible with Nectari version 9
  • Compatible with Portugal
  • Changed Script Parameter for Custom Objects
  • Added the Gender Equality module
  • Updated Cube Slices to have Time and IDs in top 16


Sage 100 (Version 104):
  • Updated Cube Slices to have Time and IDs in top 16


Sage 300 (Version 104):
  • Updated Cube Slices to have Time and IDs in top 16
  • Removed the Project field
  • Refined AP Payment Batch data model
  • Removed the Sort Order prompt from almost all Data Models


Sage XRT (Version 102):

  • Updated Cube Slices to have Time and IDs in top 16




  • [V8PROD-853] - Packaging: Add EULA at beginning before proceeding with installation and prerequisites
  • [V8PROD-893] - Packaging: New default port:
    • Web Central Point Configurator: 8133
    • Data Sync AP : 8134
    • Identity: 8135
    • Sync: 8136
    • Job: 8137
  • [V8PROD-893] - Packaging: New path - C:\Program Files (x86) change to C:\Program Files for:
    • BI License
    • Central Point for SQL and Oracle (for database and shared folder)
    • OLAP For SQL Server.exe
  • [V8PROD-GEN] - Web Interface: The term Process becomes Data Model


  • Sage 200 Murano: Various requests from customers have been implemented
  • Sage X3: Add new module X3 ARAP Historical
  • UDM 201: Add new modules Inventory Historical and UDM Sales
  • Sage X3 HR (FR): Add new module Indicateur Égalité Homme Femme


  • [V8PROD-654] -Data Model Designer: Fix Curly single close quote inside a calculation column making BIService crash
  • [V8PROD-683] -License: Fix Release License in Italiano
  • [V8PROD-906] -Worksheet: Fix Split Description feature (Description was remaining in the first column)
  • [V8PROD-909] - OLAP Manager: Better detection of failed jobs during Refresh tasks
  • [V8PROD-917] -Data Entry: Fix Data Entry feature with Decimal value not taking into account in all languages except for English



Acumatica (Version 106):

  • Fixed the Sales Invoices data model


Sage X3 (Version 105):

  • There was an error when performing joins in the Data Warehouse for Sales data model
  • Product Statistical Group were not mapped correctly in X3SALES cube
  • The ZCALANDAR table was empty in a new install for Oracle.