Version 9.1 Release Notes

January 2020



Data Model Designer

  • [V8PROD-819] - Data Model: Validation of calculated fields is faster. SELECT TOP 1 has been replaced with SELECT TOP 0 to increase the performance (for SQL Server only, no changes for Oracle or DB2)


Data Sync

  • [V8PROD-952] - Interface: French has been added and now can be used for the interface
  • [V8PROD-953] - Packaging: The package now checks if a SMTP server is entered. If not, the Next button is greyed out


Web Interface

  • [V8PROD-370] - Worksheet: An error message will be displayed if no column is selected
  • [V8PROD-969] - Manage Info Page: Fields have been enlarged
  • [V8PROD-1027] - Report Properties: A translation icon has been added



Sage X3 (Version 106):

  • Updated the Sales and Purchasing cubes in relation to the RATMLT and RATDIV tables
  • Updated the ZINVOICE view in relation to the RATMLT and RATDIV tables
  • Removed some data models within the Manufacturing module


UDM (Version 202):

  • Adapted Sales module for Oracle



Data Model Designer

  • [V8PROD-274] - Data Model Designer: When selecting the HTTPS installation, the DataSyncAPI protocol was wrong in some configs (Identity Appsettings)


Data Sync

  • [V8PROD-956] - Packaging: When the WHERE clause contained a subquery the second WHERE clause was removed


Template Import/Export

  • [V8PROD-928] - Packaging: When there was a Stored Procedure on a Data Model, the data source GUID remained unchanged


OLAP Manager

  • [V8PROD-907] - OLAP with Oracle Data Source: Fix a decimal error. Due to the fact NUMBER(38,0) was set as Decimal instead of INT64, the Build process could not be triggered
  • [V8PROD-910] - OLAP Data Source and Group By Option: The hard coded fields in the Group By query were kept
  • [V8PROD-918] - OLAP: Fix the use of an OR operator instead of an AND operator in a WHERE clause when Date Tracking was enabled
  • [V8PROD-920] - OLAP: Fix LoadAll / Refresh fails when Data Source has Date Tracking with unmapped Date Tracking Keys + Group By feature enabled
  • [V8PROD-995] - OLAP Refresh on Oracle: Triggers were not detected well and updates returned zero value. For the triggers, the wrong property was called so ExternalDataSource.CustomObjectSchema has been replaced with ExternalDataSource.DatabaseSchemaName and for the updates, during the insert Dimensions were omitted and only the Measures were considered
  • [V8PROD-1116] - OLAP License: Fix what user with no license could do. Except Adding / Modifying a Dimension / Measure and Creating / Copying a Cube, a user with no license can do the same thing as a regular user


Web Interface

  • [V8PROD-213] - Info-Page: A Stored Procedure could not be executed via an Info-Page
  • [V8PROD-607] - Worksheet: When using Show First in Advanced Options, then the Export (All format), "Others" was displayed
  • [V8PROD-965] - Execute Stored Procedure: A second field was displayed
  • [V8PROD-967] - Worksheet Properties: A translation icon was missing
  • [V8PROD-1028] - User Settings: Wrong default value when editing / creating users
  • [V8PROD-1033] - Info-Page: Conflict between ##CurrentLang and @LIB
  • [V8PROD-1112] - Global Variables: Calculated Pivot displayed error 200 because a Global Variable with SQL query was returning no rows
  • [V8PROD-1141] - Data Model Designer - Worksheet: Hyperlink in Worksheet grid does not allow to link element in SQL Builder and when exporting, the HTML code is displayed instead of its display value
  • [V8PROD-1151] - Data Model Role: A null value is returned when resetting password for a user on an Oracle Central Point
  • [V8PROD-1159] - Web Interface: Change URL documentation according to the language of the login screen
  • [V8PROD-1161] - Distribution: Cannot add parameter on Excel Add-In when logged in French and Portuguese