Settings for MySQL

This topic describes how to set up MySQL for DataSync.

  1. In DataSync, create a new source connection for MySQL.

  2. Fill out the fields in the New Connection dialog box as described below.

  3. Click Save.

Connection Properties Description
Description Enter a name for the source connection.
Server The host name or IP address of the server.
Database Name of the MySQL database.
Port Port number used by the MySQL database host. The default port is 3306.
Username Enter the MySQL user account used to authenticate.
Password Enter the password used to authenticate the user.
Convert zero-dates to null Specifies whether or not to return Date and DateTime values consisting of all zeros as NULL. A value of all zeros indicates an invalid Date or DateTime value in MySQL. Retrieving such a value may cause parsing errors unless you enable this property.

The verbosity level that determines the amount of detail included in the log file. Verbosity levels range from 1 to 5; the default is 3.

Enable Pooling

This parameter enables connection pooling. When it is selected, the three following properties are displayed:

  • Pool idle timeout: The allowed idle time for a connection before it is closed.

  • Max pool size: The maximum number of connections in the pool.

  • Pool wait time: The maximum number of seconds to wait for an available connection.


Additional Connection Properties Description

Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a block to be written to a connection before aborting the write process. This property is highly recommended when synchronizing a large amount of data (more than 500,000 rows).

Enter net_write_timeout=numberofseconds as value; for example, net_write_timeout=3600.


Specifies the character set name in the database collation. If the character set of the source database is different than the destination database, you will not able to add tables in the extractions.

Examples of values: utf8mb4, latin1.

Note:  If you need to specify multiple values, you need to create multiple connections. The MySQL connector can only have one Characterset property per connection.