Before doing any type of upgrade:

  • The licensing model for Nectari has changed with version 9.
  • You must contact your Account Manager to verify the compatibility and have your license transformed to the new model.
  • Ensure there is a backup of the Central Point: The Nectari database AND the Central Point shared folder.
  • Make sure .Net Framework 4.8 is installed and more specifically if you are upgrading from 8.2.7.X or earlier version. .Net Framework 4.8 is required to install Nectari- Server.exe and Nectari Excel Add-in WIN**.exe. For the installation of the packages, it is mandatory to restart your server/workstation.

An improvement concerning security connection has been done: if you installed the server with secure option, the BI Service will now communicate with TLS 1.2 instead of TLS 1.0.

The following instructions will guide the qualified Nectari administrator through the upgrade to version 9.4. These steps are minimal, and the chapter Server Installation will provide more details on how to complete them.

For an upgrade from any version between 6.3.2 and 7.2.1.x to v9.4 , carefully follow all the steps in this chapter.

For an upgrade from version 8.* to v9.4, the following steps are mandatory:

For a new installation, go directly to chapter Server Installation.

In every instance never uninstall the database packages.

They contain important data: NectariCentral Point for SQL Server and Oracle.exe, Nectari License Server.exe and Nectari OLAP for SQL Server.exe.

When the production server of Nectari can not be restarted (e.g. is shared with an ERP), it should be possible to avoid the restart. But it is recommended to allow Windows clean its dependencies through a reboot. Therefore, planning the upgrade to a moment when the server can be restarted is recommended.