Version 2023 Release 5 (May)

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May 20, 2023

Breaking Changes

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.


Web Client

  • Improvements to the Web Workbook (Preview):

    • You now have the ability to duplicate an entire folder containing workbooks from the command center.

    • Users can now create slicers based on their regular table.

  • The Advanced filter role is now available for a user set as Viewer.

  • Improvement made in freeing the memory usage after loading data when opening a view.


  • Improve the performance of validating a condition when a job is triggered.


  • Flat files can now be exported to an external location (FTP, FTPS and SFTP).

  • To better the performance of logging, improvements have been made to the Database structure and the indexes created.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Universal Data Model
  • For the Sage X3 data source, new fields and KPIs have been added for Inventory.

Sage Intacct
  • The Fiscalyear and Fiscalperiod fields were removed from the data extractions (in the Gldetail table) since these are now calculated dynamically in Nectari.

  • A missing table (Glentry) was added to the extraction.

Sage X3
  • New fields and KPIs have been added for Inventory.

  • New module: Preventive Maintenance

Sage 100 North America
  • Several fields were added to GL data models, including Account Type, Rollup fields, and Segments 6 to 10 (previously only 1 to 5).

  • Missing prompts were added (Main Account, Account Type, and Segments 2 to 10).

  • Two tables were added (Gl_Budget and GL_PeriodBudgetDetail) to all DataSync extractions (SQL/ProvideX and Synchronization/Consolidation).

Sage 300
  • New module: Service Manager.



  • This issue was sometimes encountered when installing the server in http: "Cannot modify web.config".

Web Client

  • Reverse data toggle button did not work for OnCalcul and user calculated columns.

  • When the view was grouped by a Date field, the exported view did not show the correct date.

  • When in mobile, the basic authentication would get bypassed and would not automatically switch to Mobile mode on smart phones.

  • Security enhancement to the SignalR communication layer.

  • A non-Admin user was able to modify the email address in the profile user settings.


  • When an executed job had a condition that was not met, there was no entry in the history of the job.

OLAP Manager

  • This issue was sometimes encountered when loading several OLAP cubes if the Logging option was enabled: Index was outside the bounds of the array or The tasks argument included a null value.

Excel Add-in

  • Incompatibility with the Sage X3 Add-In when Excel Add-in was installed at the same time.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage XRT Advanced Fix the discrepancy caused by the Transaction Codes and Type Codes when used as a filter.