Version 2024 Release 5 (May)

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Excel Add-in Build Number:

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May 18, 2024



  • The Excel Add-in package now supports per-machine installations. (Useful for silent installations that do not support user impersonation).

Web Server

  • When a cell has multiple formulas, the Drill Down Wizard displays all the formulas in a panel to the left.

  • In the Default and Sage themes for Charts, the amount of colors has been increased from 6 to 27.

  • Hovering over a view's tooltip when editing a Dashboard or a Report shows the data model name and ID.

  • Improved memory management for Web Server.


  • The lists of Users and Groups in the Scheduler and Security pages are now listed in alphabetical order.

Excel Add-in

  • In the Excel contextual menu, Pivot Table Refresh has been renamed to Nectari Pivot Table Refresh.

  • More logs have been added for SAML2.


  • Improved DataSync logs.



  • When uninstalling the Web Server, the process will now take place in the language that it was initially installed in.

  • Installing some Windows features required a restart of the server which is no longer the case.

  • When installing or upgrading to Release 2024 Version 3, the permissions in the Web Server folder were not set correctly.

  • When installing SEI for Sage 300 Embed, the Browse Documentation button is now disabled until the I Agree checkbox has been selected.

Web Server

  • When copying a sheet, the filter values applied to the sheet were ignored if the sheet name was not a part of the filter cell reference.

  • When refreshing the entire Workbook, the data extractions in different sheets were not taking the correct filters.

  • When exporting a Workbook with a formula drill-down profile to Excel format, the Export Workbook window displayed the name of the drill-down profile rather than the name of the Workbook.

  • Drilling down on a formula with no data returned #Name? instead of blank cells in the Total row.

  • Users were unable to paste a copied extraction in between two existing extractions.

  • When creating a Data Extraction, it was not possible to manually edit a cell location.

  • When the environment was changed, the data extraction in the workbook did not refresh automatically.

  • When re-selecting the opened Workbook tab, the sheet would show a gray screen before loading the sheet itself.

  • The Formula Wizard saved previously-applied filters after the data model was changed, even if those filters did not exist in the model.

  • When the Content Language is changed in mobile mode, items in the Command Center cannot be opened.

  • The mobile version checkbox was ignored when using SAML2/Oauth.

  • Link-To from a Vector Map sometimes generated an empty filter which opened a view with no data.

  • Error message content was not properly displayed when users had Data Model authorizations with Display levels that were lower than the authorizations set for the Data Model Designer.

  • Some of the different builder pop-ups were missing or contained unresponsive buttons.

  • Special characters were not rendered correctly in the Subscribe pop-up window.


  • After creating a new job and opening the Excel Add-in tab, the Custom Name translation button was still clickable even when the Custom Name field was disabled, causing an infinitely loading pop-up window.

  • Jobs cannot be saved if we previously tried to save without Description or Views or Add-In sheets or Users.

Excel Add-in

  • Excel Add-in Reporting Tree duplicate did not work for nodes where the parent was not selected to be distributable.


  • When users duplicated a Custom API connection, APIP/RSD was lost on the original connection.

  • If there was an issue that happened when running the Post Execution script, the extraction's status remained at running.

Web Server Templates

Template Change description
Sage 1000 UK
  • The Posting Code and Year prompts were not working when a company had no forecast.

  • Script error improvements.

Universal Data Model
  • Fixed a collation error in the global scripts for UDM_JOINS_CONFIG and UDM_FORECAST_CONFIG on some cloud installations.