Version 2022 R1.5

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December 15, 2022

Breaking Changes

  • As of this release, we no longer support the 32-bit version of Excel Add-in for Windows 32 bits. The Nectari Excel Add-in - WIN32.exe installation package is no longer available. You need Windows 64 bits in order to install Excel Add-in for MS-Office 32-bit or 64-bit version ( Excel Add-in - WIN64.exe).

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.



  • Improved the detection of the SSL certificate type that is displayed in the drop-down list when adding or editing a site binding.

Web Client

  • Improvements to the Web Workbook (Preview):

    • The Selection Page feature is now available. This is useful for users who want to have mandatory fields for workbooks from which they want to create their reports.

    • The External Link feature is now available. Similar to other types of views (Worksheets, Reports, Dashboards), you are now able to generate a standalone view of the workbook.

    • Smart Cache Level 2: The performance for loading workbooks and when changing filter values on the fly has been improved.

    • The Formula Wizard now displays filter operators specific to the type of field selected.

    • Data Model and Field tool tips now display the full name so that you can properly view the choice you made, especially for items that have the same suffix.

    • The Command Center has been improved to display only folders that a user created and has access to.

    • Ribbon Visibility: Users who do not have permissions or have View Only rights will not see the ribbon. The Clear Cache and Refresh buttons remain available from the side bar.

    • Input validation has been improved.

  • Product notifications: You are now able to access new blogs and be informed about new releases directly within the Web Client. You can also send new feature requests using this feature. You can disable product notifications from the Web Central Point Configurator, as well as delete all data related to your user through User Settings.

  • The SQL query is no longer displayed for non administrative users when an error occurs. It has been replaced by an informative message.

  • The OAuth authentication logic has been improved to request specific parameters depending on the provider specified.

  • Nectari logs have been enhanced: More context regarding error messages were added in the logs (Time Zone reference, and Distribution vs Web Client usage). Missing logs were also added to the workbook.

  • Added more data types to Global Parameters and Data Model Parameters for input validation in a future release.


  • Distribution logs are now integrated into the BIService.log.

  • When hovering your mouse over the lists in the Web Views tab, IDs of views, dashboards, reports and workbooks are now displayed.

OLAP Manager

  • When refreshing an OLAP cube, the Load All process is now automatically performed if triggers are missing.

Excel Add-in

  • More context regarding error messages were added in the logs (Time Zone reference, and Distribution vs Web Client usage). Missing logs were also added.


  • A procedure has been added to configure a proxy for DataSync.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct


Web Client

  • Fixes to the Web Workbook:

    • In the formula wizard, references to cells where the tab contained a space were not displayed correctly. The space was removed and this caused the reference to the cell to fail.

    • Variables used to reference tables were automatically translated in the language selected in the Web Client, which caused the references not to work anymore and the cells would be empty.

  • The Back button has been removed from the Import Template page since the folder page was removed and it is no longer required.

  • In Oracle, when translating the name of a view that did not have a predefined translation, Nectari was using the wrong translation instead of using the default English name.

  • The Data Model Execute Stored Procedure dialog box would display the Global Parameter name is displayed instead of its description.


  • Some distribution jobs would not start.

  • When setting a job condition in the Scheduler, the Restriction Editor would take a long time to validate the condition.

  • The Last Run Result column in the Scheduler would sometimes display the wrong status.


  • Issues could be encountered when running extraction where the SQL server is configured to a culture other than English.

  • The DataSync index name would be truncated if the name was too long. The name length have been increased to fix this issue.

  • When a trigger had expired, the Scheduler would sometimes return an error.

  • In Sage Intacct, a column would be missing in the table when the connection source had a data type set to Lookup.

Excel Add-in

  • Excel Add-In Distribution: The active sheet was the last one that was refreshed before the distribution instead of being the original one.