Version 2023 Release 2 (March)

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March 8, 2023

Breaking Changes


If you are using SAML2 as single sign-on method, you must reconfigure the Entity ID and the ACS URL after upgrading to Version 2023 Release 2 because these settings have changed.

  • For Cloud customers using the Excel Add-in: If you are using a deployment installation script or a filter in the firewall, please be aware that the service address now uses port 443 instead of 8443. (Note that when you install the Excel Add-In you need to provide the service address in the following format:

  • As of April 11, 2023, Microsoft Office 2013 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.


Web Client

  • In a data model, if a calculated column contained a non-existing data model parameter within a comment, it could generate an error when creating a formula in the Web Workbook. The commented parameter will now be ignored to avoid errors.


  • The generation of output files for the distribution of worksheets, dashboards, and reports used to have a hard-coded timeout value. You can now customize it using the new parameter TimeoutWsDbRpt, which has been added to the BIService.NetInstaller.exe.config file (in C:\Program Files\Nectari\Nectari Server\Server).


  • The MySQL connector documentation has been added.

Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage 300 The installation procedures have been updated.



  • The Central Point Configurator was not visible in the Control Panel Programs when connecting with a different account than the account with which it was installed.

Web Client

  • In the Data Model Designer, adding fields while using the Search function would sometimes produce unexpected results in the interface.

  • The Web Workbook was checking case sensitivity when a column contained BI functions and was not able to resolve the column.

  • When importing templates, views were updated automatically when you selected Update for a data model. This could generate an error if the view did not exist in the Central Point. For this specific case, the behavior has been changed so that the view is added instead of updated.

  • The Selection Page would return the wrong error message when a mandatory field value was missing.

  • An error message was sometimes displayed when deleting the last Selection Page of a data model.


  • The distribution of a dashboard containing KPIs or charts without data would sometimes fail and return a timeout error.

Excel Add-in

  • The data connection of pivot table segments was sometimes not saved on the static copy.