Version 2024 Release 3 (March)

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March 16, 2024

Breaking Changes

  • After upgrading to Version 2024 Release 3, Nectari will no longer be compatible with earlier versions of the Excel Add-in.




This release of Nectari has a new package for the Excel Add-in installation. Before installing version 2024 R3, you need to uninstall your current version of Excel Add-in. Once version 2024 R3 will be installed, subsequent installations will not require any uninstallations.

  • The Excel Add-in installer now automatically detects the most recent installed version of Excel and its architecture (32 or 64 bits) and automatically attaches the add-in to Excel.

  • The Server installer now does the DCOM setup for the Excel Add-in distribution.

  • The BI Service will no longer exist as of Release 2024 R3.


    Web Server now represents the Web Client component and the BI Service Windows Service.

Web Server

  • Improvement of Nectari's overall performance, such as logging in, opening a view, report, or dashboard.

  • The Dashboard and Report interfaces now have a new tooltip to assist in identifying the source of the view.


  • Security improvements were made in DataSync.

Web Server Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct


Web Server

  • In Data Extraction, disabling the toggle button Refresh on Open did not halt the refresh function as expected.

  • The Data Extraction popup would close when there was an error in creating/updating the extraction table.

  • When utilizing user calculated columns within reports containing special characters, these characters might not decode as intended.

  • Worksheets containing a custom spacer column did not open as expected.

  • In Dashboard, the funnel chart was not displayed correctly.

  • In Dashboard views on mobile, the Toggle Maximize option was not available.

  • In certain scenarios following a server upgrade, global variables might not resolve as expected.

  • When creating a Global Script, the Add button did not allow to add parameters in the Script content box.

  • Confirming edits on the Manage Info pages resulted in a redirect to the login page, which prevented the completion of changes.

  • Engaging certain buttons within the custom calculation window of the report designer might initiate an unexpected refresh.

  • The verbosity of certain messages displayed in the logs was improved.

  • Errors were logged upon saving a new Data Model, although no immediate impact to front-end functionality was observed.

  • Console errors were present after setting the password for a new user on the account confirmation page.

  • In an Oracle Central point, copying a data model would throw an error.

  • In some instances, the session did not expire after a predefined time. This has been adjusted to expire after 12 hours as recommended by the OWASP.

  • The End User License Agreement (EULA) has been updated.

OLAP Manager

  • An error occurred when creating a monthly Cube Scheduler job in Oracle and a month is not set.

  • Dimension and measure descriptions were not appearing in the Data Model Designer as expected. (Note that you need to build your Cube to apply the fix.)


  • In some instances, the distribution history did not display the error icon as expected.

  • Additional buttons could appear upon scrolling within the Distribution Excel Add-in tab, which were unnecessary and potentially replicated existing functions.

  • When attempting to upload an Excel file name containing space, it would not correctly add to the Excel Add-in tab.


  • In Cloud, the list of variables was displayed incorrectly.

  • In an OData connector setup with SXA, it was not possible to preview or synchronize the calculated field based on a user defined dimension field.

Web Server Templates

Template Change description
UDM Errors occurred in the UDM Weekly Sales Forecast when the unit of measurement was flagged.
Sage X3 Various bugs and global script errors have been resolved.