Version 2024 Release 6 (June)

Web Server Build Number:

Excel Add-in Build Number:

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June 22, 2024


Web Server

  • Improved workbook performance by over 100% when opening and refreshing a workbook containing a high number of formulas.

  • Improved user experience while loading and refreshing workbooks.

  • Windows Authentication support has been added for the SQL Server connector.

  • The list of cultures in the Format Cells pop-up has been reduced to show the required ones, improving workbook load times.

  • The Pivot Wizard is now available, allowing for easier creation and management of pivots.

  • It is now possible to do a drill-down on a data extraction.

  • Multiple Selection is now available for the Dashboard Filtering Panel.


  • A new connector has been added for MongoDB.

Web Server Templates

Template Change description
Sage X3
  • Improved French translations.

  • Added the CUBE_ prefix for Sage x3 Cubes Data models.

  • New separate folders for Cubes and Prompts.

Sage X3 Manufacturing

  • The Plant Manager Dashboard (formerly the Manufacturing Dashboard) is now available with text, font, and theme improvements.

  • The Warehouse Manager Dashboard is now available.

  • The Chief Operation Officer (COO) Dashboard is now available.

  • A new Stock Location data model has been added to the Logistics folder.

  • A new Stock Journal data model has been added to the Logistics folder.

  • A new Invoice Elements data model has been added to the Sales folder.

  • A new Non-Conformance data model has been added.

Sage 300
  • Added opening balance to GL details data model so it can be used on all reports, allowing users to use the drill down effectively.

  • Added Transaction Details to the Opening Balance entry.

  • New financial Workbook reports are now available.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct Not-for-Profit (NFP)

  • The Sage Intacct Not-For-Profit add-on is now available.

  • Vertical workbooks with tailored financial reporting are now available.

  • Vertical dashboards are now available.

Universal Data Model (UDM)
  • Added the UDM_ prefix for UDM Data models.


Web Server

  • When a workbook with a selection page was opened multiple times, the selection page parameter values were all changed to using the last opened workbook's value.

  • The workbook would enter an unresponsive state when copying and pasting a data extraction with default column names that didn't follow the proper number sequences.

  • Users received an error message when a workbook containing a formula created by the Formula Wizard was exported as an Excel file.

  • Users drilling down on a data extraction encountered an issue when drilling down on a newly created second profile without first drilling down the first profile.

  • The Auto Refresh setting for data extractions was not working when the filters were from the same sheet.

  • The Auto Refresh setting for data extractions was ignored when the filter cell was changed, resulting in a refresh of every extraction in the workbook.

  • Since Version 2024 Release 3, the NOT operator in the Formula Wizard was not returning the expected result.

  • Special characters now copy correctly when doing a Copy Selection or Copy Row on a grid.

  • Fixed a bug for Single Sign-On (SSO) users where their last login date was not recorded properly within the database.


  • When users scheduled a dashboard created from an expanded group in a worksheet, the received file was collapsed instead of expanded.


  • When changing table elements, the table was invalidated but not the extraction, and in consequence users were not aware that a Validate and Build command was necessary to run the extraction with no errors.

  • The status of table extractions was not updated after failure and the error was not logged.

  • When users imported a template that would fail, an empty extraction was created with no tables.

  • When using the same unique ID in a Consolidation extraction, the Incremental Load failed.

Web Server Templates

Template Change description
Sage 300
  • Fixed issues, including the fiscal period format, segment filtering, restructuring of balance sheet and the addition of a drill-down feature.

Universal Data Model

Sage X3

  • Fixed an issue where negative quantities from price adjustments were not being applied to Stock Valuation.