Version 2023 Release 3

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Excel Add-in Build Number:

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April 17, 2023 - Available for On premise and Cloud

Breaking Changes

  • Since April 11, 2023, Microsoft Office 2013 is no longer supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.

  • As of October 10, 2023, Windows Server 2012 R2 will no longer be supported by Microsoft nor by Nectari.


Web Client

  • Improvements to the Web Workbook (Preview):

    • The data structure has been changed in the database to improve the workbook performance. If you had an older version of Nectari and upgraded to the latest version, we highly recommend that you open and save your workbooks in order to start using the new structure.

    • You can now import your Excel templates and reuse them in the web workbook.

    • The default number of rows has increased from 200 to 1000 when creating a workbook.

    • The formula wizard now has the option to use Description as an operator for Dimensions and Description (for the Description Data column type and CHAR data type in the Data Model Designer).

  • Users can now enter data with increased accuracy and control in these dialog boxes: Advanced Filter, Data Model Parameter, Selection Page, Global Selection Page, and Stored Procedure, with the implementation of data type validation in Global Parameters, Data Model Designer and Manage Data Model Parameters.

  • In the Data Model Designer, validation has been added to verify that the generated SQL query is valid upon saving the data model.

  • For Nectari Cloud: Users ADMCA and users with administration rights can now add a new environment in Env & Data Sources.

OLAP Manager

  • OLAP cube lists and jobs sometimes had the wrong date and time when the job was scheduled with a timezone other than UTC. Tool tips on the bottom right-hand side in views, dashboards and reports were also corrected accordingly.


Web Client Templates

Template Change description
Sage Intacct
  • A functionality was added to refresh all views in the templates and DataSync.

  • The RecordURL field was added to all tables. This field contains a hyperlink that allows to go directly to the record in Sage Intacct.

  • New financial data models with statistical accounts only:

    • GL Transaction Statistical

    • GL Summary Statistical

  • UDD functionality and fields were added to the Budget data model.

  • An issue was fixed regarding the fiscal period fields in the Transactions data model that were being treated as regular calendar periods.

Sage X3
  • Improvements were made to Sage X3 views and data models.


Web Client

  • After upgrading from version 2021 R1.2 to 2023 Release 1, the Web Workbook command center did not show parent folders that contained empty sub-folders.

  • Subtotal restrictions were not applied when exporting a view containing columns only.

  • The Users tab of the Authentication page has been improved:

    • Case sensitivity has been removed;

    • When searching for a user, the user list remains displayed;

    • The check box next to the selected row is no longer automatically checked;

    • A confirmation message has been added when clicking on Reset or Delete;

    • You can now increase the number of users shown in the list (up to 100 users).

  • In the Command Center, searching for a view with a name containing an accent would not return the proper results.

  • In Doughnut views, the Total Row formatting was not kept although it had been saved.

  • Single quotes usage has been streamlined so that it can be used that same way in Data Models and Workbooks.

  • In the Data Model Designer, if a calculation was erroneous, copying the error message after validating the calculation would sometimes be impossible.

  • The Save Data function was always present although the worksheet was not editable.

  • In rare cases, saving a report in Oracle could generate an error if the report had a description set in another language but was empty.


  • Scheduler jobs would sometimes fail when the view format was set to External Link.

OLAP Manager

  • The OLAP Manager would sometimes have performance issues when building, loading and refreshing cubes.

Excel Add-in

  • The Link to Formula feature was not functioning properly.

  • Excel processes would continue running after distributing Excel Add-in reports, which could cause performance issues.