Version 9.4 Release Notes

July 2020



Web Client

Command Center
  • Search in Command Center now only starts when at least three characters are entered or when the Enter key is pressed


  • For Map type view:
    • Changed the label related to the Heat Map to now display Heat Map instead of Toggle HeatMap
    • Added the Clusters feature. Refer to Map View for more details


  • Implemented the compatibility with LDAPS domain by adding the Use SSL/TLS slider. We added a SSL/TLS column in the Domains list to easily distinguish Domains that use LDAPS from the one which don't. Refer to Domains for more details
  • The Kentor library used by Single Sign-On (SSO) is now called Sustainsys. Editing the web.config file has been updated to reflect these changes.
  • Improved Cookie compatibility. Refer to Cookie Management for more details


Data Sync

  • The time interval related to the Log Cleaning process has been changed to avoid high CPU usage


  • Added the Connection Timeout field for the Acumatica connection to define how long the server should wait for the connection before generating an error
  • Added new Source Connections: Space X / Agile CRM and Custom API. As the Custom API connector acts as an All-In-One, the configuration for Space X and Agile CRM were included in its documentation. Click here for more details
  • Improved compatibility with VARCHAR2 data type by setting the Destination Connection with CHAR storage type when using Oracle
  • The Use Client-Side Paging feature is enabled by default for OData and Acumatica connectors


  • Improved the performance related to the reading speed of the tables for Oracle
  • Improved the detection process for the NVARCHAR2 and VARCHAR2 data types to avoid compatibility issues when using Oracle
  • Changed the label Truncate and Load to Load when running a Migration extraction type


  • Changed the label Use SSL/TSL to Use SSL/TLS


Excel Add-in

Default Drill Down
  • Implemented the Default Drill Down feature so that you can access Formula detail directly, without getting a pop-up window in Formula Drill Down. Refer to Nectari Formula Drill Down for more details



Sage 300 (Version 109)
  • Changed to Order Detail data model in relation to the Quantity and Amount


Sage X3 HR
Version 107
  • Added missing French Translations on some newly added Fields
  • Changed the Sage X3 HR Folder GUID for Dashboards and Data Models


Version 105
  • Added the Formation and Skills Improvement fields to the Historical HR Statistics data model
  • Added the Professional Status field to the Time Sheets data model
  • Added new Data Models: Training Formation and Annual Work Time
  • Added Reports in the Professional Training folder
  • Added Reports in the Work Condition Improvement folder


Sage X3
Version 114
  • Custom script for the LEGGTESEL view was created to improve compatibility with ETNA


Version 113
  • Changed the label of the Reporting Currency script parameter to Global Currency
  • Added new parameter in Global Currency Rates calculation in Info-Pages
  • Improved French Translation
  • Changed On Calculation VB Script to Javascript in Data Model Designer
  • Adapted the PJM module to the x3v12 changes


UDM (Version 218)
  • Improved the UDM_FORECASTADDLINES stored procedure to add lines to Forecasts by Quarters
  • Translated Dashboards to French
  • Changed the Closed Date field in AR and AP Historical Staging data model
  • Added the Refresh by Date feature to all Cubes for Sage 300
  • Improved performance on AR and AP views and cubes for Sage X3



Web Client

  • When the interface language for the Web Client was set to languages other than French or English, redirection to Online Help website was not working


Administration - Security
  • Non-Administrator users didn't have access to the Domains feature even if accesses were granted
  • Combination Option was not working as expected: it was using the AND value instead of the OR value


Data Model
  • Hyperlinks appeared in a Worksheet but were not clickable. Refer to Add a hyperlink for more details


  • If the value was negative, the rotation angle of the Chart Labels was not taken into account when opening a Worksheet
  • When using the Save As feature, the new title name was not taken into account. The original title was still displayed in the View properties, View tab and when the Worksheet was exported and distributed
  • The Description Format and Sort Based On features were missing when opening more than one Worksheet
  • The Prompt icon (the question mark) was always displayed in Selection Page even if no Prompt was assigned


  • Changing Environment did not change values in the filter
  • The Owner and Description fields were missing when creating a new Dashboard


  • Fixed wrong text when exporting a section without data to PDF or Excel format


Excel Add-in

  • Excel Add-In required TLS 1.0 instead of TLS 1.2, even if TLS 1.0 was disabled on the BI Service server


  • The Formula Wizard generated an OutOfMemoryException error when a large numeric range was set
  • Formulas showed the text VALUE instead of the value (numbers) when using numeric range in Filters



Sage X3
Version 115
  • The Create Budget feature in the Info Page of the Budget Entry data model was not loading any data for Oracle server
  • Updated the script in the Embed into Sage X3 section related to the Adjustment for Syracuse in Sage X3 Template: Due to a recent web browser modification, exporting reports were not able to be downloaded


Version 114
  • There was a bad join on the Stat Group 3 table in the Invoice Analysis data model: the ZONE_0 field was selected instead of the LANGUE_0 field
  • Fixed filters regarding the Filtering Panels for the Sales Regional Manager - Material Black Theme and Account Receivable dashboards


Version 113
  • Fixed Oracle Special Script issue


Sage X3 HR
Version 107
  • Added missing Scripts for Historical HR Statistics and Annual Work Time data models


Version 106
  • Two Scripts were hardcoded to SEED instead of retrieving the Schema entered by the user during the installation


Version 221
  • Fixed a problem related to the Info-Page of the Sage X3 Opening Balance data model: The WHERE clause in the data source of the Finance Staging cube was incorrect and thus, prevented Opening Balances to be loaded in the cube
  • The Sage X3 schema was still required in the Template installation even if the Template installation was performed for another ERP system


Version 220
  • Fixed the behavior regarding the Sales Orders cube which was checking the Date field for NUL values: It now checks for 0 in Sage 300
  • Fixed Sales Summarized cube: The Invoice Cost Last Month measure was creating zeros
  • Fixed the risk of truncation by changing the length in script (from 15 to 50) for the ACCOUNTNUM field
  • Fixed the OLAP Summarized data source of the Finance cube: Numbers for Period 1 were incorrect
  • Fixed the Sage X3 CRM dimension mapping: The OpportunityID dimension was mapped to the TaskID dimension and some fields were missing
  • Removed the Sage X3 DB script parameter during the template installation
  • Fixed French to English translation
  • The UDF field increased to 80 for Precision for all Sales cubes and related Tables
  • Added the IF User EXISTS Check before Gaining Permissions statement because the User folder and the X3 user do not exist in Sage X3 for Oracle on Data Sync
  • The Forecast Status and Username prompts were using a depreciated table (UDM_FORECAST_VALIDATE)
  • The NEC_CreateOpeningBalance and FinYear stored procedures were based on the wrong schema
  • Removed Filtering Panels for the Top 10 Campaigns dashboard due to issues with filters
  • Changed the behavior of the UDM_GENERATE_VIEW table to rollback if timeout error happens


Version 218
  • Opening Balance was loading only Period 1 instead of all Periods for Sage 100
  • Fixed various bugs for Oracle
  • Added tracking to the DimWarehouse cube for Sage X3
  • Fixed issues between Default Sales Rep and Document Sales Rep global parameters
  • The Format was missing in some custom calculations in Finance report


Data Sync

  • INT64 type fields were not synchronized during the extraction from an OData connection and returned the following error: OverflowException - Value was either too large or too small for an Int32
  • An error could occur when using Sample Mode or Preview Table with an OData connection
  • The NUMBER data type was set to NUMBER (38,0) in the Oracle Destination Connection and was not allowing decimal values
  • Collation Transformation was set to True when importing an extraction template


  • There was a memory leak for Acumatica, OData and Excel connectors


  • There was an issue with space: The Transformation module required the user to add space manually to the value if in the original database the value got space (ex: "Box "). If not, it could not find and therefore, transform the value