Version 9.5 Release Notes

September 2020



Web Client

Data Model Designer
  • Changed the Description Format default value to Code Description when creating a new Column or Calculated Field


  • Changed the label related to the position of the Total Row to now display Bottom | Top instead of just Top
  • Added the Sample Mode feature when creating a View, Dashboard or Report


  • Improved grid display and moved the Split Groups Description feature to the General section in the Report Properties
  • Added two new Dynamic Variables in the Report title for Fiscal Years: Month Description and Last day of the Month. Refer to Report Title for more details
  • For Custom Calcul, it is now possible to choose the symbols for negative values. Before, the symbol for negative values was a parenthesis in Report and a dash when exporting.


  • Added the Is Administrator feature. Refer to Users for more details


  • Improved compatibility with multiple values in the Restriction Editor window when applying a Filter: Semi-colons (;) can now be used to separate values in exactly the same way as for Global Restrictions (refer to Restrictions for more details)


Excel Add-In


Data Sync

User Interface
  • Replaced and changed the Email field behavior with Username field when signing in or resetting the password
  • Added the Username field when registering a new user. This field allows you to create many users while using the same email address for the benefit of collaborative work


Extraction Template
Sage 100 (Version 100)
  • New release available


Sage X3
v12 (SQL Server version 101)
  • Added OVENAT and PJMSNPD tables


v11 (SQL Server version 101, Oracle version 105)
  • Added OVENAT table


  • Improved the compatibility with Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher
  • Improved the compatibility with WebDav IIS module: Data Sync can now be installed and used correctly even if WebDav IIS module is enabled


  • Added the Add date and time to the filename checkbox when selecting Flat File during the creation of a Destination connection. This feature allows the user to automatically append a date and time to exported files to easily build a history
  • Added the File Extension drop-down list so the user can choose the extension (.CSV or .TXT) for his exported file when selecting Flat File during the creation of a Destination connection
  • The Sage Intacct beta period has come to an end and the connector is now officially released. You can also find Nectari in the Marketplace by clicking here


  • Added the Distinct Records feature when previewing data. Refer to Setup the Field Section for more details
  • Added the Table Description column when viewing Tables, Tables Logs or running an Extraction
  • Increased window size for SQL Expression Builder in the Tables and Fields page when adding an SQL statement
  • Changed Data Sync behavior regarding the Foreign Keys: To avoid conflicts, Data Sync now ignores Foreign Keys when Primary Keys are detected in the Extraction
  • Changed the Run Extraction Now feature behavior: When running an Extraction, the Incremental Load action is greyed out if the Tracking Type of the Source connection was set to None
  • Changed the CSV logo to Flat File logo when creating a Destination connection or an Export extraction type


  • Added the Delete All feature and changed the following labels:
    • Enter old value to Old values for the column name
    • Enter new value to New values for the column name
  • Added the Import values from Source feature when creating a Transformation from Fields. Refer to Setup the Field Section for more details



Sage 200 UK (Version 100)
  • Added the Sage 200 UK template: For multi-company environments, users can also query directly the ERP database that uses Live Data or use the Consolidation feature in Data Sync to do so.
  • Here is a list of the different modules cover by this template:
    • Purchase Ledger
    • Sales Ledger
    • Nominal Ledger
    • Cash Book
    • Stock Control
    • Purchase Order Processing
    • Sales Order Processing
    • Bill Of Materials
    • Project Accounting
  • Added Excel Add-In reports for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance


Sage 100
Version 109
  • Added the template for Consolidation and Synchronization extraction type in Data Sync for Standard (ProvideX) and Premium databases
  • For the Premium version: Users can also query the ERP database that uses Live Data directly
  •  Improved the Finance module:
    • Removed the Finance cube
    • Added the following Reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
Version 201
  • Rebuilt Job Cost data models with new tables available from Sage 2018+
  • Added the possibility to perform an installation on a Live environment or a database copy through Data Sync
  • Depreciated Finance, Sales cubes and data models to be replaced with Live version


Sage XRT (Version 201)
  • Changed " to ' ' for various Calculated Columns


Version 224
  • Improved Column and Group headers


Sage X3

  • The UDM_X3FCALENDAR view now supports Periods above 100 days for SQL Server


Sage 200 UK

  • Added tracking on UDM Finance cube for the Sage 200 UK Transaction History data source


Version 223
  • Improved the translation of the following languages: Thai, Chinese and Spanish
  • Added Global Variables for Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period



  • Added a new data source for the Budget cube


Sage 100

  • Updated the UDM data sources for consolidated and Premium databases
  • Added a logic for Chart of Account mapping to a Company


Sage 1000

  • Added a WHERE condition to Sales to remove dummy warehouses
  • Added new dimensions for the DimClient cube


Sage 200 UK

  • Integrated the following modules with UDM:
    • Finance
    • Account Receivables
    • Account Payables
    • Sales


Sage X3

  • Added Global Variables that retrieve the current Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period
  • Supported Fiscal Years that span more than two years
  • Simplified the data source binding when installing the template (from three data sources to one)


Web Client

Data Model Designer
  • Fixed a French translation error in the Performance tab located in the Data Model Properties
  • An Invalid Format error could occur if the Datetime field was set to h:mm:ss tt format when saving a Data Model


  • Fixed French translation for the label Defer Update Mode: Some functionality has been disabled in Worksheets. When enabled, this feature allows you to make changes to the Worksheet without affecting the result. Usually, when the user changes the layout by moving a Dimension or Pivot, the result gets refreshed immediately.
  • When applying a Filter on the External Links of a View coming from a Cube, a wrong Slice was selected and led to wrong values
  • Fixed the Dimensions and Measures window: When adjusting the size of this window, using the arrow to close (retract) the window was not working.


  • There was a bad alignment regarding the result in the Total row: instead of being placed to the right, the numbers were placed to the left
  • When exporting a Report to PDF format, special characters were not displayed correctly


  • Instead of acting as a Filter, the Filtering Panels whose Type was set to Free Text behaved like a Prompt
  • Filters in the header were not visible when printing/exporting /distributing, no matter the format


  • To update the Central Point, the user could click on the Confirm button without having to tick the I agree checkbox in relation to the terms of the agreement


Excel Add-in

  • The Description field was missing in the Prompt and data were shifted inside the Prompt


OLAP Manager

  • There was an error when refreshing Description type cubes with the tracking set to Triggers: Duplicated rows were created if there was the NULL value in the Description field
  • To build the Cubes, the user could click on the Yes button without having to tick the I confirm that I understand that all of my current cube data will be lost checkbox in relation to the warning


Data Sync

  • An Visual Studio Just-in-Time Debugger error could occur after the installation


User Interface
  • The labels were not displayed correctly


  • The Currency fields for Sage Intacct were processed as String values
  • When doing a Truncate and Load or Preview Data action on Sage Intacct, an error could occur if a Field in the Source and Destination connection was set to the INT64 data type
  • Even if a semi-colon was set as value for the Custom Delimiter field, the Extraction to a Flat File destination type always used the comma as the value
  • When performing an Extraction and generating a file using the Flat File destination, performing a new Extraction was adding data to the existing file instead of overwriting it
  • When importing a template for Migration extraction type, saving the Extraction first was required before applying a Filter on Tables
  • Migration extraction type using the Update and Insert feature in the Data Loading Mode field was still considered and read as Update only in this field
  • When performing a Consolidation extraction type, an error could occur if the same Unique Identifier was used to retrieve data from multiple companies
  • Adding SQL Queries in Tables generated an error with the ODBC connector (Sage 100 Standard (ProvideX))


  • When running an Extraction on an Excel file, the file was locked as a data source if the Extraction failed


  • When deleting a Transformation, the corresponding links between the Fields and the Transformation remained active and were not deleted



Version 224

Sage X3

  • Fixed CRM Details, DimOpportunity cubes and UDM_OPPORCRM view for v12 and ETNA
Version 223
  • Fixed missing Join in Account Receivable by Perioddata model on LEDTYP



  • Fixed missing Budget Description field in the Budget cube


Sage X3

  • Fixed the Fiscal Year behavior: The last year of the Fiscal Year is now retrieved, instead of spanning a two-year period. Example: If the Fiscal Year start date is 2019-12-29 and end date is 2021-01-02, it will use the year 2020)
  • Fixed cube data source to unify Sage X3 version
  • Removed Carry Forward Documents and changed Closed Date Calculations for AR / AP Staging cubes


Sage 100

  • Fixed the UDM_S100FCALENDAR view and info-page to import Companies when setting Ledger Currency


Sage X3 (Version 116)
  • New patch available during the installation of Sage X3 Template,in the Embed into Sage X3 section, to fix the followings:
    • For the ZBITGEXA screen dictionary, in the ZDOC field, the ZURLFLD1 action parameter was only containing the field name so we added the X3SALESX table name in front of the SOLDTOCUSTOMER field.
    • The previous patch was not installed in the TRT folder (dating from X3V11). This new file (scr_ZURLMAKER_202001519_V7.dat) will be installed automatically in the TRT folder. Example: ..\X3ERPV12\Folders\SEED\TRT
  • Improved Spanish translation
Sage 100 (Version 201)
  • Fixed the VGL_FiscalYearDetail view
  • Fixed the Open Sales Order data model: A Join was missing on CPYID for the SY_Company table