Version 9.5 (Release 896)

Web Client Build Number : 896

DataSync Build Number: 835

December 04, 2020


The Reporting Tree feature has been implemented in Nectari to provide you with a fast and flexible way to build financial Reports based on the structure and hierarchy of your company. Although the main function of the Reporting Tree is the creation of financial Reports, it can be used in any other functional areas of your business (Sales, Logistics, Manufacturing, etc.). This allows you to build complex hierarchies composed of interrelated business units such as Departments, Cost Centers, Territories, and more. This hierarchy is built through groups of Nodes that represent an organizational chart, in which each box defined reflects a user-defined context that rolls-up in a hierarchical way. By selecting a Node (Filter) in the Tree, you can then view your Reports in a variety of ways, all from one place. The same logic applies when distributing Reports; it will generate all the required versions of your Reports based on your hierarchical configuration in a single output. You can find more details on this in our Reporting Tree documentation.

The Migration extraction type and Transformations in the DataSync have been improved. Click here for more details.


Web Client

  • Global Variables can now be used in a Page Header or Page Footer. Refer to Page Setup for more details.
  • You can now customize the Page Header and Page Footer when exporting to XLS, XLSX and HTML file. Refer to Page Setup for more details.
  • The Link To feature has been improved. By default, links used to open internally, i.e. just next to the tab that contained the current View. Now you can specify whether you want these links to open in a new tab in your Web browser or in a pop-up window. Refer to Link To for more details. This means you will now be able to use the Link To feature when displaying a View in standalone applications such as Microsoft Teams or in an embedded application such as Sage X3 (for Sage X3, refer Adjustment for Syracuse in the Embed into Sage X3 sectionSage X3). When used directly in embedded or standalone applications, the opening behavior automatically switches from Opening in a new tab to Opening as a pop-up window. This is to ensure that it works even if the settings were not configured, as the Opening in a new tab is not supported for the embedded view. Refer to Profile for more details.
  • A new feature called Apply to Filtering Panels has been implemented in the Distribution. Previously, Filters were applied to all Views in a Dashboard without taking into account the logic of the Filtering Panels. Now, if a Filter is based on a Global Parameter common to the Filtering Panels, that Filter will be applied to the Filtering Panels which will determine the Views impacted by that Filter. The Distribution will apply the same logic and behave as if this action had been done manually by a user. Refer to Creating a New Job for more details.


  • The Import feature now uses versioning logic to ensure template compatibility.
  • Empty and Null values are now supported in Transformations. Refer to Add a Transformation Group for more details.
  • When exporting Extractions, the Transformations you defined are now included. Refer to Export an Extraction for more details.
  • A new feature called Purge Condition has been implemented for Migration extraction type: It allows you to clean the table based on a condition before importing new data. Refer to Purging Tables for more details.
  • A new feature called Duplicate Table has been implemented for the Migration extraction type. Refer to Duplicating a Table for more details.

OLAP Manager

  • More information about triggered tasks has been added to the Logs.

Excel Add-in

  • Some improvements have been made to the refresh speed of the Pivot Table data.

Web Client Templates

  • The Report Builder now maps Account Groups as subgroups of other Groups so that when the subgroups are modified, the higher level is also modified.
  • The Cube Description has been changed to make it easier for users to choose which Cubes to build and load in a predefined order.
  • Added a Stored Procedure to trigger the refresh on the last three months for budgets in Acumatica.
  • Changed Sage 100 to Sage 100 NA (North America).
Sage X3
  • Added the Pre-Consolidation (X3v11+) field in GL related objects.
  • Added the Intersite and Intercompany fields for Sales related objects to filter internal transactions.
  • Current AP and AR data models has been improved to retrieve data faster.
  • Added the Ship to Customer dimension in the Sales cube.
  • Added a new Data Model for Invoice Analysis without Footers/Valuation and changed the name of the original data model's name to Invoice Analysis with Valuation.
  • The default list of Data Models under Publish Excel has been reorganized to show by relevance.
Sage Intacct
  • The Sage Intacct template is now available.


Web Client

  • When exporting a Worksheet to PDF format, 0 values were blank instead of displaying 0 in the PDF file.
  • When exporting a Worksheet to PDF format, the Filters were not displayed correctly in the PDF file if the Data Model Name and View Name were disabled in Page Setup.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 9.5: It was impossible to save changes in the Data Model Translation window.
  • Customers with a Central Point version inferior to 7.1.6 could not log in after updating the Web Client if they were not Administrator.
  • In some specific cases, the Data Source password became corrupted when the name of the Environment was changed.
  • If a condition set on a Job was not met during Distribution, the history displayed a Failed status instead of a Success status with a Condition Not Met message. The Failed status gave the impression that the Distribution had encountered a problem, but this was not the case.
  • When a Job was set to be Run as Admin user, an error saying the user did not have the permission could occur.
  • When distributing an Excel Add-in file containing a Pivot in a hidden sheet, an error could occur.


  • When creating a Transformation from the Fields, if you created a second Transformation after having canceled the first one without saving, the Transformations were applied to both Fields.

OLAP Manager

  • When running multiple cube refresh tasks in the Scheduler at the same time, some tasks were skipped.

Web Client Templates

Sage 200 UK
  • The Stock List and Alternate Items data models had duplicates on the StockItemPrice table.
  • Fixed the rollback script used to uninstall the template.
  • Fixed an error in the Sage X3 Grant trigger auth for Cube (ORACLE) script that could occur if the X3 Template was installed first and the SEI Schema was already created.
  • Fixed an error in the Sage X3 Procedure UDM_LOADBACKTOSAGEX3 (Oracle) script that could occur when creating the UDM_LOADBACKTOSAGEX3 stored procedure.
Sage X3
  • Fixed the error that could happen with some Calculated Fields when divided by 0 was not managed properly in the Stock and Work Orders cubes.
  • Removed the WHERE condition on MTCDATMAX field in the AP/AR Historical Aging data models.
  • Fixed some broken Application Links.